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Comprehensive compliance and records management software for your digital workplace.

Manage records from a central dashboard, no matter where they are stored!
Gimmal Records


Manage records in: 

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Gimmal Records easily manages the entire lifecycle of records and information while ensuring compliance throughout your whole organization.

Lifecycle management

Create flexible multi-phase lifecycles built around user definable triggers, retentions, and actions

In-place or centralized management

Classify and manage information across all platforms and/or move information to a central DoD 5015.2 compliant repository

Legal holds

Eliminate eDiscovery mistakes by placing information or entire case files on legal hold to prevent deletion

Enterprise Search

Utilize a modern, web-like search experience to search across multiple content sources and manage content directly from the search results.

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Gimmal Records Management works across devices to offer a seamless and powerful experience to records managers on-the-go

Physical records management

Manage physical records alongside electronic documents and records regardless of location or format
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Automated Classification

Categorize content against a centralized file plan based on similar properties and locations across platforms

File Plan Builder

Use a single web interface to automatically apply classification and retention rules across all platforms

Defensible disposition

Destroy unwanted and obsolete data at the end of the information lifecycle without having to move content to a central repository

Manage all records and information, anywhere

Gimmal Records provides comprehensive records management, no matter where your records live. By integrating with all of your content repositories, Gimmal Records manages all your records and information collectively, without having to transfer them to a different location.


Gimmal Records Management Provides Federated/In-Place Records Management
DoD 5015.2-Compliant Records Management in SharePoint

Manage records in a secure, DoD 5015.2-certified repository

Gimmal Records can upgrade your SharePoint environment to a DoD 5015.2 certified Records Repository. Define and enforce a custom, hierarchical set of security levels to secure records, satisfying the most stringent set of records requirements.

  • Implement centralized, highly-granular content type retention rules without the need for complex content type policy associations
  • Support classified records and user role-based access levels
  • Trigger content actions based upon business events, supporting external workflows and API integration


Ensure Proper Upload and Tagging of SharePoint Content

Utilizing proper content governance makes it easier to apply accurate records management within your SharePoint and Microsoft 365 environments. By ensuring content is always in its appropriate location and has the correct content tags, the correct records management retention policies and file plans will always be applied. This removes the risk of end user mistakes and ensures corporate records are always secure. 
  • Protect your corporate information and records by automating the assignment of retention policies to content 
  • Customize your retention policies and file plans to meet your business needs 
  • Secure content locations by controlling user access through user role profiles 

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Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University Modernizes Records Management Through Automation

"I knew what you could do with SharePoint, and it would be very difficult and tedious to be able to manage the rules if I managed them directly into SharePoint. This is where Gimmal’s solution came in."

-Howard Loos, Records and Information Manager, Brigham Young University

Read this case study to learn how Brigham Young University implemented Gimmal Records software to bring electronic and physical records together


Deployment Options


Log into Gimmal Records in the cloud and be up and running in minutes, not weeks. Gimmal's SaaS offering works with all major web browsers.

On Premises

Implement Gimmal Records on-premises to ensure the strictest record security and have complete control of your environment.


Gimmal Records hybrid deployment gives you the best of both worlds for organizations that need to manage content both on-premises and in the cloud.

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