Gimmal Discover

Discover, remediate, and classify content in all your corporate data sources

Altitude helps you analyze files with a simple dashboard
Gimmal Discover


Analyze Files in: 

Manage Records In SharePoint
Manage Records in Exchange
Manage Records in File Shares

Reduce risk buried in unstructured content

When personally identifiable information (PII)and other sensitive data is left un-managed, it can become lost in data sources. There are great risks that accompany unstructured data.  Gimmal Discover mitigates these risks by identifying files that contain sensitive information and applying the appropriate metadata to govern content according to your information governance program. 


Discover information like PII and other sensitive data with the labels tool
Run detailed reports on data with Altitude

Eliminate redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) information to improve user efficiency

Gartner, a global leader in research and advisory, estimates that nearly 80% of data in the average organization is unstructured. Much of this content is not critical to business operations and subsequently bloats content sources. Gimmal Discover provides the ability to eliminate unnecessary content by removing:

  • Redundant or duplicate files
  • Obsolete files kept beyond their retention date
  • Trivial files that should not be kept


Govern all data to comply with organization policies

As information continues to grow at a rapid rate, managing content in multiple sources is not an easy task.  Gimmal Discover analyzes, tracks and reports on unstructured data for you to reveal detailed metadata and contextual information, providing you with the ability to:

  • Locate unstructured files that could potentially be valuable to your business
  • Create policies to consistently govern data
  • Comply with regulatory requirements



Create custom dashboards for your business needs with Altitude


Gimmal Discover easily analyzes content in all your corporate data sources to mitigate risk by identifying, remediating, and classifying information.


Easily discover data across the entire enterprise

File Analysis

Gain complete visibility of information an its attributes in all data sources, including workstations and laptops

Content Awareness

Ensure sensitive information is managed properly by knowing exactly where it is and who has access to it

Tagging and Classification 

Automatically classify files based on their content to ensure accurate information governance

Discover, remediate, and classify data


Produce detailed reports to improve organizational efficiency for managing unstructured data


Implement rule-based lifecycle changes to adhere to your information policy

Active Remediation

Create policies to consistently govern data based on orchestrated workflows

Information Management

Integrates with Gimmal Records for advanced records classification and retention

Altitude data sheet module 2

Gain visibility of all your

enterprise data

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