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Gimmal’s Federal Records Management solution creates a centralized DoD 5015.2 content repository in SharePoint

Gimmal Federal Records Management helps federal agencies provide timely responses to a fast-growing number of requests for information as well as meeting the requirements of ongoing and new initiatives such as the Presidential Records Management Directive. Gimmal Federal Records Management gives your organization a reliable and centralized repository in SharePoint that is compliant with both the baseline and classified standards of the Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2 Records Management Program.

Centralized records management

Preserve your most valuable assets – your organizational memory – in a secure, proven, and flexible SharePoint solution

Extended retention policy controls

Enforce time-based, case-based or event-based retention

Defensible disposition

 Formal disposition approval process, including generation of disposal certificates and audit history reporting

Advanced records security

Customize hierarchical security levels to secure records

Central file plan management

Publish and update your file plan to multiple locations with easy-to-use controls built for compliance and records professionals

Document transfer

Transfer documents to an archive and manage records in that archive permanently or indefinitely

Legal holds

Implement legal holds for records or record categories

Email records

Effortlessly declare a record from an Outlook email

Maximize compliance by meeting D0D 5015.2 standards

In accordance with Federal and organizational guidelines, Federal agencies must properly manage classified records which are highly regulated records that require security level access and declassified records which must be made available to the public. Gimmal’s Federal Records Management solution answers these guidelines by providing governments with a secure centralized repository for classified records that features advanced security levels and defensible disposition.

Control the lifecycle of records and information

Gimmal Federal Records Management keeps track of all records stored in the central SharePoint repository with Gimmal’s central file plan. Customizable document libraries help organize records for streamlined access and automatic content tagging ensures information is placed in its proper location and can be easily found. Maximize security by enabling forensic destruction and manages the auditing and disposition of obsolete records as part of the information lifecycle.