Mitigate Risks with File Analysis

How to Mitigate Risks with File Analysis

October 22nd, 2020

Unstructured data sources like files shares, workstations/laptops, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Email can become black holes of content containing everything from critical business information to obsolete files. As users continue to save documents in these different sources, the risk of improper information management increases.  Fortunately,  file analysis solutions  exist to combat the black hole of unstructured data.  

Join Gimmal’s Director of Sales Engineering, Dean Misenhimer,  as he explores the benefits of file analysis for your enterprise content.  Learn how to  discover what is lurking in your unstructured data sources.  

Join to learn:  

  • How to mitigate risk associated with unstructured data   
  • How to locate redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) information   
  • How to apply organizational policies to discovered information  
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InfoCon 2020

ARMA InfoCon 2020

October 26-30

Gimmal is proud to be presenting during ARMA InfoCon 2020.  This virtual event is known as the premiere event for information professionals to connect, learn, and shape the profession.  Join us during the week of October 26th-30th as our industry experts share their knowledge on the best methodologies and solutions for successful information governance programs.   

The ARMA InfoCon Live Session Tracks include: 

  • Creating Structure and Improving Process 
  • Advanced Information Concepts 
  • Legal and E-Discover 
  • Information Fundamentals 
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Rethink Records Disposition: Optimize and Streamline the Process

Rethink Records Disposition: Optimize and Streamline the Process

November 4, 2020

In records management, disposition is defined as the last action taken for a record when it is no longer required or needed by an organization. Depending on an organization’s information governance strategy, disposition processes can vary in complexity and actions taken. A wide array of disposition capabilities can not only optimize the disposition process, but also ensure compliance when completing a record’s lifecycle.

Join us on November 4th as industry expert and Gimmal President and Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Caplinger, demonstrates how the innovative Gimmal Records Management 5.0 fulfills the needs of even the most complex disposition processes.

Join to learn:

  • How to create tailored, secure views of records for users and records managers
  • How to have a unified view of all rejected or expired records
  • How to complete bulk disposition actions on records and cases


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What You Need to Know About the M-19-21 Deadline

What You Need to Know About the M-19-21 Deadline

November 12, 2020

The new Federal Directive for M-19-21 mandates a full transition to electronic recordkeeping buy the end of 2022. For federal agencies, this means ensuring that all permanent records are in an electronic format and the appropriate metadata is attached. As the deadline approaches, it’s time for agencies to rethink how they manage records.

Are you prepared? Join us on November 12th as Gimmal’s Director of Public Sector, Pat Brim, discusses the challenges of compliance, how agencies are dealing with these challenges and best practices for getting your agency compliant with M-19-21.

Join us and learn:

  • How to plan and rapidly deploy a federally compliant solution
  • How to ensure a proper transfer to NARA
  • What to consider when choosing your electronic records repository
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