Best Practices for Managing Cases in M365 as Records

Best Practices for Managing Cases in M365 as Records – How to Stay in Compliance

September 23rd, 2020

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint provide rich document management capabilities, but when it comes to case management and managing your business activities, this can prove more challenging. 

With Repstor, you can fully automate the process of creating and managing your cases. This includes the capture of key case information, status and milestones, all alongside a central, collaborative case workspace for filing of emails and documents.

Gimmal Records Management captures the case file details to drive automated record classification, including organizing records into cases for retention. As the case status changes, retention and case disposition may be triggered.

For users, they have access to the information they need and easy case filing through a rich Outlook centric interface, while Records Managers know these cases are managed in a controlled compliant manner. This process becomes automated and seamless for everyone involved.

Join Repstor and Gimmal to learn how this winning combination can automate the case management compliance process from creation to disposition in Microsoft 365. Increase your productivity and user adoption, while maintaining compliance with records management policies.

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Improve Microsoft 365 Records Management

How to Improve Microsoft 365 Records Management

September 30th, 2020

Organizations have invested in Microsoft 365 as their platform for the future. As Microsoft 365 continues to make advancements in governing enterprise content, it is no wonder why so many organizations choose to deploy it. Microsoft 365 provides a solid foundation to any information governance program. However, the existing records management capabilities may leave organizations needing more to meet the needs of the enterprise

Join us on September 30th as Gimmal’s Director of Sales Engineering, Dean Misenhimer discusses how to enhance records management capabilities in Microsoft 365 with Gimmal. We’ll also demonstrate how to apply advanced records management capabilities across all of your enterprise content, electronic and physical.

Join to learn:

  • How to improve the use of Microsoft 365 retention labels
  • How to manage and apply policy on information inside and outside of Microsoft 365
  • How to utilize a versatile disposition process
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Upload and Tagging of Microsoft 365 Content Made Easy

Upload and Tagging of Microsoft 365 Content Made Easy

October 6th, 2020

Users hate entering metadata. They find it obtrusive and disruptive. As information continues to grow at a rapid rate, the risks of user-error, or complete disregard, when uploading information rises. In order to implement an effective information governance program and gain the full value from content, organizations must eliminate improper information upload and tagging. Streamlining these processes will allow for better tagged content, higher value information and a solid information governance foundation.

Join us on October 6th as Director of Sales Engineering, Dean Misenhimer, reviews the best practices for streamlining Microsoft 365 information upload and tagging processes.  

Join to learn:

  • Why users do not like to tag content
  • How to streamline the information metadata tagging process
  • How to reduce end-user error by automating information storage in SharePoint
  • How to drive consistent Information Governance through effective metadata
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