Gimmal Content Governance for SharePoint

Content Governance For SharePoint

Maximize information quality and organization across SharePoint & Office 365

Simplifiy content management in SharePoint with metadata inheritance and easier upload

Manage content in:

Manage Content in SharePoint
Manage Content in Office 365


Content Governance for SharePoint makes SharePoint and Office 365 easier to use and provides a more connected, more consistent, and better supported digital workplace

Content Upload and Tagging

Easily upload content into SharePoint and automatically apply content tags

Content Movement

Automatically move content to its proper location based on the information tags

Improved Content Search

Create, customize, and save search views and actionable search results

Content Configuration Dashboard

 A single dashboard to configure your information governance capabilities

Manage SharePoint content effectively, from creation to deletion, within a single dashboard.

Global and Local Document Templates

Customize centralized document templates for creating new document content to ensure brand standard and consistency

Site Creation and Maintenance

Automatically create and request SharePoint sites and create site templates for easy site creation, while maintaining all of your sites collectively

Site Archiving and Disposal

Selectively archive artifacts and change settings to read only or decommission sites and back up document libraries, list items, and more

Regulated Convenience Copies

Create managed copies or links from a source document and automatically delete the copy or link when the source document is disposed

Maximize productivity across SharePoint and Office 365

Enhance your SharePoint environment and increase productivity by making it simpler to create, upload, and maintain content. Gimmal Content Governance for SharePoint automatic metadata tagging is the easiest way to ensure content and data quality, organization, and compliance.

  • Simplify content loading and tagging into a one-step, drag-and-drop process
  • Ensure proper organization of content with automatic content storage and filing
  • Remove the user effort required for governance and compliance with integrated records management
  • Find the right information quickly with enhanced search capabilities


One step drag and drop content loading routes files right where they need to go.
Extend Gimmal Records Management to simplify ingestion of SharePoint content.

Unlock records management functionality

Utilizing proper content governance makes it easier to apply accurate records management within your SharePoint and Office 365 environments. By ensuring content is always in its appropriate location and has the correct content tags, the correct records management retention policies and file plans will always be applied. This removes the risk of end user mistakes and ensures corporate records are always secure.

  • Protect your corporate information and records by automating the assignment of retention policies to content
  • Customize your retention policies and file plans to meet your business needs
  • Secure content locations by controlling user access through user role profiles


Keep your SharePoint and Office 365 environment clean

Proactive governance reduces the need for IT and end users to constantly monitor and clean up SharePoint sites and content. Instead of creating an endless wasteland of unmanaged content and sites with excessive storage fees and impossible findability, Gimmal Content Governance for SharePoint creates a more robust, organized and consistent digital workspace.

  • Ensure content is always in the right location and is disposed at the end of its lifecycle
  • Regulate document copies and ensure once the principle document is deleted, so are the copies.
  • Easily decommission sites as they outlive their usefulness to reduce clutter
  • Enforce brand standards and consistency by providing users with common document templates


Empower SharePoint admins with proactive governance tools.
City of Bellevue Washington

City of Bellevue Maximizes Collaboration and Compliance Through SharePoint

"This project would have been much more difficult and costly without Gimmal’s deep expertise in SharePoint Records Management and the software solutions we have deployed."

- Kyle Stannert, Public Records Manager, City of Bellevue

Read this case study to learn how Gimmal Content Governance for SharePoint helped the City of Bellevue leverage SharePoint as the solution standard for collaboration and compliant management



Deployment Options


Deploy Gimmal Content Governance for SharePoint in the cloud and be up and running fast without the need for costly infrastructures

On Premises

Implement Gimmal Content Governance for SharePoint on-premises to ensure complete control of your environment.t


For organizations that need to manage content both on-premises and in the cloud, our hybrid deployment gives you the best of both worlds.

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