Gain control with Gimmal. Automatically.

Your organization creates a massive amount of data everyday. Information management is turning into information overload. It's time for you to take back control with Gimmal. Access the only cloud-based platform that ensures compliance and fully automates the entire records and information lifecycle across multiple repositories and virtually any environment (including SharePoint, Microsoft 365, SAP, and more).

Classify, save, manage, and find all of your organization's information easily and automatically. Command a high level of control while maximizing your efficiency and significantly improving compliance and access.

Advanced Information Governance in:

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  • Gimmal Migrate

    Simplify complex migrations to Microsoft 365

  • Gimmal Discover

    Locate critical business information hidden in your enterprise

  • Gimmal Records

    Achieve compliance with full lifecycle records management software

  • Gimmal Physical

    Ensure physical records are compliant and accessible

  • Gimmal Link

    Cut SAP storage costs with SharePoint integration

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What People Are Saying

There's no one you trust more than your peers. So don't listen to us,  see what they have to say:

“I knew what you could do with SharePoint, and it would be very difficult and tedious to be able to manage the rules if I managed them directly into SharePoint. This is where Gimmal’s solution came in.” 

Howard Loos

Records and Information Manager

“Simplification is one of our principles, and SharePoint is at the center of our ECM strategy. Building on our existing SharePoint environment avoided the complexity of adding another ECM platform, such as OpenText to our landscape, leveraged our investment in SharePoint and did not require us to add new skills to the IT&S Organization.”

Steven Carter

Chief Information Officer



“We were able to reduce our SAP database footprint by 30% with Gimmal and SharePoint.”

Jeff Stewart

GM Information Services

"The product is very user-friendly and the design process helped users better understand their final/official records."

Bessie Psychogios

Records Manager

“This project would have been much more difficult and costly without Gimmal’s deep expertise in SharePoint Records Management and the software solutions we have deployed.”

Kyle Stannert

Public Records Manager

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