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Information is the core of your business

Gimmal Workplace Governance provides more complete information management in SharePoint. Gimmal Workplace Compliance delivers more value and better security with enterprise-class content and records management.

A better SharePoint user experience

Easy drag-and-drop content loading turns compliance into “the path of least resistance.” Easy processes mean increased productivity and employee adoption.

Compliant records management

Securely manage both electronic and physical records, satisfying a range of requirements including the “gold standard” for compliance.

Manage your information from creation to deletion

Put controls in place for all of your organization’s content, throughout the entire information lifecycle. Once your information management rules are configured, Workplace Governance does the rest.

  • Create automation rules and apply them globally, both as sites are provisioned and to existing sites
  • Control user access to tools through user role profiles
  • Ensure governance without user action: rules-based content tagging makes governance completely invisible to users, no manual tagging required
  • Easily decommission sites as they outlive their usefulness through a centrally-controlled architecture

A Better SharePoint Experience

Improve your SharePoint user experience (UX) and increase satisfaction by making it simpler to create, upload, and maintain content.

  • Find information quickly with enhanced search
  • Results can be filtered, acted upon, or exported to a file
  • Improve productivity and adoption with a more consistent and satisfying user experience

Seeing is believing…

…but you can’t get the whole story in just ten minutes.

With Gimmal Workplace Compliance, you can…

  • Centralize file plan creation and maintenance
  • Set retention schedules based on time or events
  • Support case-based and individual aging
  • Associate the legal basis for retention policies with records
  • Configure hierarchical security levels
  • Establish record relationships between records

Make SharePoint your central content and records management solution

Gimmal Workplace Compliance builds on SharePoint’s foundation with comprehensive records management capabilities that satisfy even the most stringent requirements.

Workplace Compliance’s Compliance Suite is certified to DoD 5015.02 Baseline and Classified requirements for records management.

  • Create records from emails and attachments in Outlook
  • Create custom periods, e.g., for vital records review
  • Bulk-process metadata and tasks for records sites
  • Implement legal holds for records or record categories
  • Transfer an audit history archive upon transfer of record
  • Implement a formal disposition approval process and generate disposal certificates

Gimmal Workplace Compliance is the perfect way to integrate the management of physical records under a unified policy. With common processes and architecture for managing both electronic and physical information – whether it is located onsite or offsite – you can eliminate redundant systems, lower both cost and risk, and maximize the value of your investment in SharePoint.