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Gimmal Workplace for SAP® unlocks and unifies content, data, and processes created or used by SAP and SharePoint.

Formerly ERP-Link, Gimmal Workplace for SAP allows people inside and outside of SAP to collaborate and work on the same document-centric processes. Connect SAP and SharePoint at the content level, the data level, and the workflow level, putting critical business information right where people work.

Increase speed to value

IT will be able to deliver process optimization projects more quickly with access to SAP content, data, and processes. Leverage the Office 365 cloud to avoid delays and cost associated with in-house provisioning.

Reduce total cost of SAP ownership

Lower costs by making SAP information available in SharePoint and Office 365. Store documents on cost-effective Microsoft and Office 365 platforms and accelerate your return on investment in SAP.

Improve collaboration and productivity

With Gimmal Workplace for SAP, documents can be made accessible via SAP and via SharePoint/Office 365. Microsoft platforms are generally pervasive and provide a highly intuitive user experience, making SharePoint an ideal environment through which to merge and deliver transactional information alongside supporting documents.

  • Simplify business processes and locate tagged documents in SharePoint,
  • Improve information governance, compliance, and SAP performance
  • Improve processes by removing the risk associated with storing documents in memory.
  • Integrate with Gimmal Workplace Compliance to introduce DoD Standard 5015.02-compliant records management to your SAP-related documents

Increase speed to value

Gimmal Workplace for SAP makes it simpler to access and leverage SAP data, providing for many avenues of efficiency improvement.

  • IT will deliver process optimizations more quickly with access to SAP content, data, and processes
  • Improve agility and provide increased responsiveness to constantly changing business needs
  • Leverage existing architecture, tools, and resources to gain the ability to configure solutions instead of needing to custom develop them using SAP’s BAPI protocol.
  • Reduce testing and QA cycles by extracting subsets from SAP

“With Gimmal, we have accelerated our HR processes and lowered costs worldwide.”

Learn how this Global NGO used SAP and SharePoint to enable greater flexibility for their globally distributed workforce.

Reduce total cost of SAP ownership

Gimmal Workplace for SAP increases content availability through multiple delivery channels and improves SAP system performance by allowing you to reduce the size of the HANA database by as much as 30-40%. Leveraging Microsoft’s cost-effective Azure/Office 365 storage for documents provides significant storage cost savings.

It also reduces costs associated with training and upgrades, and reduces development costs and technical debts associated with customizations. High availability, replication, distribution, and disaster recovery are available via Microsoft Cloud.

Gimmal Workplace for SAP is supported on SharePoint Online/Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint.