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Portals and collaboration sites don’t have to be expensive content graveyards

With Gimmal Workplace Builder, you can easily configure and control an enterprise intranet, departmental portals, and collaboration sites people love to use. Take the pain out of information policy enforcement and empower self-service.

Good sites people love to use

Support your users with sites that are appealing, intuitive, responsive, and deliver relevant, up-to-date information.

Self-service combined with centralized control

Build and maintain your own departmental sites while keeping compliance with set corporate guidelines.

Built-in governance with automated content tagging

Documents can be tagged automatically, making the policy compliance easy and invisible to the user.

Adhere to corporate standards through the use of templates

  • Provide company-wide exposure to important people, concepts, sites, and documents
  • Facilitate a personally customized sidebar for each user
  • Display links, documents, notifications, calendar info, or custom applications
  • Enhance productivity through persistence throughout the entire experience

Maintain corporate branding standards

  • Maintain organization brand consistency across sites
  • Restrict design changes to only approved looks
  • Deploy branding automatically regardless of growth
  • Apply organizational standards automatically
  • Configure brand specific rules to allow for differentiation

Customize and standardize display through templates

  • Provide consistent and professional data presentation without IT support
  • Maximize effectiveness of information delivery through consistent experience
  • Leverage investment through reusable templates
  • Change templates as business needs change
  • Apply infinite design variations using highly configurable display controls

Enhance navigation across entire site

  • Eliminate confusion, promote self-sufficiency and discoverability
  • Provide consistent navigation across site collections
  • Increase usability through the use of text, images, grouping, and description in menu displays
  • Manage navigation elements through simple secured interface
  • Target navigation to specific organizations or roles

Engaging sites that make it easy to find what you need

Appealing, intuitive, and responsive portals are more engaging than dingy, static sites. Gimmal Workplace Builder helps you quickly and easily configure sites that provide a better user experience.

  • Simpler navigation
  • Personalized display of information
  • Consistent search experience
  • Improved information findability

Seeing is believing…

…but you can’t get the whole story in just 10 minutes.

Easy content loading with automated tagging

People across the organization can comply with information policy without extra effort.

  • Quickly upload single or multiple files from anywhere on a site
  • Tagging is applied automatically based on centrally-configured rules

Sites that are ready for content on day one

Workplace Builder provides full-featured, functional sites right out of the box. Gimmal templates include predefined layouts, components, and content placeholders to get you started. These templates are developed by user experience experts, tested for usability, and 100% responsive.

Gimmal Workplace Builder is supported on SharePoint Online/Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint.