Gimmal Altitude and Gimmal Records Management ensure better compliance

Using File Analysis to Drive Information Governance

Unstructured data sources, like files shares, are often black holes of information. With their lack of structure and metadata, the risk of improper information governance dramatically increases. Information is kept too long or deleted too soon, exposing the organization to legal and financial risk.

Gimmal’s Director of Sales Engineering, Dean Misenhimer, explores how  Gimmal Altitude and Gimmal Records Management work together to improved visibility and lower risk.

By automating the analysis, classification, and retention of information, see how Gimmal delivers a cost-effective, low touch information governance solution.

Watch this recording to learn:

- How to mitigate risk by properly retaining and disposing of critical business information
- How to automatically analyze and classify files to improve organizational efficiency and avoid user error
- How Gimmal Altitude and Gimmal Records Management provide a unified view of valuable information to ensure better compliance

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