Ultimate Guide to Managing Records Anywhere



The Ultimate Guide to Managing Records Anywhere



Over the last decade, different content services platforms have advanced their records management capabilities. But at the same time, the number of content services platforms your organization owns has likely grown.

How can your organization keep up with managing the records that these systems produce if each system has different information management protocols, tools and interfaces? Then, there are the challenges of paper records – how do you manage those?

With its true, in-place records management approach, Gimmal Records Management provides a solution to this problem. Designed with Records Managers in mind, Gimmal delivers an easy to use, web-based solution for managing electronic and physical records across the enterprise.

View the webinar recording to learn:

  • Why in-place records management delivers a better end-user experience
  • How automated records classification streamlines the records management process
  • How you can gain visibility over all your records across the enterprise
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