Preparing for an Efficient Migration

Migrations can be daunting tasks – the volume of content can make the idea of a selective migration seem impossible. This fear makes “lift and shift” a popular strategy when organizations need to change the way they manage content. This strategy of migrating all existing content without concern for redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data can have disastrous effects and often results in the replication of the same old problems in these new systems.

Watch this recorded webinar from Gimmal and ActiveNavigation during which we explore how organizations can migrate more intelligently and more effectively. We explore how we were able to help a joint customer reduce ROT, classify content effectively, and properly identify and manage sensitive data.

Attend to learn how to:
• Reduce the volume of content by 30-40%
• Eliminate the need to restructure after moving to a new repository
• Find and identify sensitive data (such as PII, SSNs, etc.) for classification and management

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