Physical Records Management




Physical Records Management:

A Modern Approach




Although many organizations are switching to electronic records management, many industries still rely on physical records for business processes. However, there are many challenges that accompany physical records management such as manual processes needed to keep records compliant and organized, the lack of visibilityand lost or misplaced documents. By using the right tools and processes, you can combat these issues with a seamless records management approach. 

Join Tim Butler, Gimmal’s Solution Architect, as he discusses critical tools to modernize your physical records management program. Through a demo of Gimmal Physical RecordsTim will discuss space management opportunities, barcoding, lifecycle management, and third-party integrations. 

Regardless of your physical records' current state, there is a path to gain visibility on physical assets to retain and dispose of in a compliant manner. 

Watch to learn: 

  • Best practices for physical record management 
  • Benefits of utilizing essential tools to minimize risk associated with physical records management  
  • How Gimmal Physical Records can provide the essential functions needed to succeed  
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