Managing Online Data to Streamline eDiscovery

Unstructured data from sources like websites, social media channels, and enterprise collaboration platforms are increasingly being used as evidence in litigation. But collecting and reviewing all of this data can be expensive and time-consuming. In order to simplify eDiscovery processes and create defensible records, organizations need to put a recordkeeping strategy in place that makes all of this unstructured data easier to manage.

Watch Managing Online Data to Streamline eDiscovery presented by Gimmal and Pagefreezer to hear about effective strategies for managing modern unstructured data. Attend to learn:

  • Why website, social media, and corporate chat data is commonly thrown out of court, and how to ensure your records are defensible
  • How to manage data to ensure that it's always ready for the eDiscovery process
  • When to monitor and when to archive social media and corporate chat accounts to ensure that necessary information will be available for litigation.
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