Intelligent Records Management: Looking to the Future

In many organizations, records management still exists in the basement of their building. The irony, of course, is that much of the value of an enterprise's business is locked away in these records - and perhaps more importantly - the records the enterprise is not aware of.

Imagine if we were able to increase the availability and usability of information for decision making by 30 or 40%. Our enterprises would be more profitable, more efficient, safer, and inherently more productive. At Gimmal, we believe a coming shift in how organizations understand their information will transform records management departments into asset management and value preservation centers.

In this session, Gimmal CEO David Quackenbush will explore the next generation of records management, which we call “Intelligent Records Management.” He’ll discuss:

  • Why library scientists are starting to look more like data scientists
  • How robotic process automation fits into the process
  • Who an organization’s head “information owner” should be
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