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Information Governance with a Scattered Workforce

When your workforce transitioned to working from home, did your Information Governance policies follow? For some companies, it was a scramble to suddenly shift to a work from home model. In a matter of weeks, infrastructure had to be opened, VPN's enabled, and laptops deployed, or personal workstations configuredThis flexible approach to working could have put your company’s sensitive content at risk. 

While organizations were creatively adapting to a distributed workforce while also keeping business running, there may have been a loosened approach to content governance. To get work done, employees may have turned to online tools like OneDrive or Box for file sharing. Email may have again become the preferred collaboration tool. Email and PST files may have become personal document management systems, rather than SharePoint, especially if it meant avoiding the VPN. Or content may simply be sitting on the local C:\ drive of the user’s laptop.  

In this topical video, we'll explore how Gimmal Altitude can be used to perform file analytics across a range of data sources to locate sensitive content that may have been distributed across the organization. Watch to learn how: 

  • A variety of data sources like Google G-Suite, OneDrive, Box and PST files can be analyzed in a consistent manner 
  • File based content, including personal workstations, can be scanned for sensitive information 
  • PII, PCI and other privacy related information can be discovered, tagged and managed appropriately 
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