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Gimmal was proud to host this joint webinar with Lepide 

Watch as Danny Murphy (Head of Technical Delivery) and Josh Van Cott (VP Sales) of Lepide  go through why a data-centric approach to cybersecurity is the best way to help you detect and prevent data breaches and meet compliance demands. They will introduce the Lepide Data Security Platform and to demonstrate how it can be used to bolster data access governance and user behavior analytics programs, as well as how it can meet compliance regulations.  

 In this webinar we review the techniques you can use to answer the following key questions: 

  • Where is my most sensitive data and why is it sensitive? 
  •  Who has access to this data and am I at risk of privilege abuse? 
  •  What changes are being made to data that could lead to security breaches? 
  •  What environment states and changes pose a risk to my data? 

Watch to learn these techniques on how you can detect and prevent data breaches and meet compliance demands. 


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