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How Gimmal Enhances Microsoft 365 Information Governance

As Microsoft continues to enhance the 365 platform, it is evident why so many organizations choose to base their information governance program on Microsoft 365 (M365).  While some features of M365 may meet your information governance needs, other features may not be thorough enough for your organization.  Gimmal Records Management can bridge these gaps by providing enhanced features to meet your governance goals 

In this webinar, Gimmal President and Chief Strategic Officer, Chris Caplinger, will explore options for advanced records management for content within M365 as well as content residing outside of your M365 environment.  

Join to learn: 

  • How to work with physical assets and electronic information outside of M365 
  • How Gimmal improves retention labels 
  • How Gimmal improves the disposition process 
  • How a user interface designed for Record Managers can enhance usability  
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