Document Management for Plant Maintenance


Microsoft SharePoint and SAP ERP may seem worlds apart when trying to link document content to the transactional data it relates to. For organizations that use these two industry leading solutions there is a simple solution.

In this webinar recording, Gimmal Director of Product Development Nathan Hampson reviews a typical use case in the SAP Plant Maintenance module that demonstrates that transactions in your SAP ERP system can be directly linked to the document content in your ECM using Gimmal’s Document Management for SAP solution.

Going beyond the technical demonstration, we also review the architecture at a high level in order to understand how our software can fit into your on-premise, cloud, or hybrid application landscape, and consider other typical use cases that this technology can empower.

Watch to learn:

  • How to simplify content management across line-of-business systems
  • Why SharePoint is the obvious choice to store SAP content
  • How to ensure your architecture is ready to support such an integration
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