Building a Better Information Engine 

When it comes to enterprise information management (EIM), it’s hard to get away from what already exists. Information is quirky. Because information (data, documents, and the like) is a growing entity, it has the potential to overwhelm or bottleneck your company if you don’t have a strategy for putting everything in its proper place.

Being able to manage SAP information, store it, and easily retrieve it when it’s needed is crucial to the efficiency of a business. Is there an ideal strategy for managing information that we can bring to our members?

Are people thinking about the different factors that might go into an information flow strategy, particularly as companies prepare their data to migrate from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA? Are they equipped with the right tools to execute that strategy?

In this webinar, Adam Page from ASUG and Chris Caplinger, Chief Technology Officer at Gimmal, will discuss:

  • Surmounting the knowledge gap in information handling
  • Where SharePoint can help your SAP archiving strategy
  • EIM regulations and trends you should be prepared for
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