Physical Records Management

Consistently manage physical records and information throughout the entire lifecycle

Maximize Compliance

Manage both physical and electronic records and information in the same system


Reduce Risk

Implement real-time asset tracking, status updates, and a two-stage disposition process for physical assets


Cut Costs

Replace legacy physical systems with a modern web-based system that provides complete control at a fraction of the cost



Physical Records Management is a core feature of Gimmal Records Management allowing organizations to secure all electronic and physical records with a single system

Manage all Physical Resources

Manage any physical asset, and enable containership of resources for more efficient organization and tracking


Disposition Awareness

Prevent any asset from being removed from the system before the actual physical asset is dispositioned


Barcode Support

Support for barcoding physical containers and assets and view a visual representation of the barcode


Audit Support

Changes to the physical asset or its status, are tracked in real-time for easy accountability


Unified Policy

Utilize the same retention policies and legal holds for both electronic and physical records and information


Third-party Integration

Integrate with third-party storage vendors through a flexible SDK (software development Kit)


Streamline Physical Asset Management

With Physical Records Management, you can apply retention policies across all types of physical assets, simplifying management. Now, policies that your organization has created to manage electronic information can apply equally to your physical assets, reducing complexity and time spent ensuring compliance. Physical Records Management provides the mechanism you need to manage any type of physical media, including documents, folders, boxes, cartons, tapes, microfiche, and many more.


Maximize Savings with the Cloud  

Old legacy physical records management systems are outdated, costly, hard to use, and require continuous maintenance and support. Gimmal Physical Records Management comes pre-packaged with Gimmal Records Management, the most cost-effective cloud-based electronic and physical records management software. Designed for the companies looking to manage all their physical assets without the burden of costly configurations, deployments, and downtime. Gimmal's web-based software and works with all major web browsers, so installation is as easy as login and go!


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