Gimmal Physical

Consistently manage physical records and information throughout the entire lifecycle
Gimmal Physical

Maximize Compliance

Manage both physical and electronic records and information in the same system


Reduce Risk

Ensure records are kept according to retention schedules and disposed of when they become expired


Cut Costs

Retire legacy physical records systems, and optimize space management for a more cost-efficient solution



Gimmal Physical allows organizations to track and manage the lifecycle of all physical records

Manage Physical Resources

Utilize the same retention policies and legal holds for both electronic and physical records and information


Warehouse and Space Management

Identify available space in storage facilities, allocates space for incoming boxes


Barcode Support

Create barcode labels that are compatible with tethered, wireless, and/or portable barcode devices



Migrate physical records from legacy systems or Excel spreadsheets


Record Tracking

Detect lost or missing items with RFID tags, barcodes, and a simple check in/check out process


Third-party Integration

Easily request and approve pickup or delivery of off-site records


Streamline Physical Asset Management

With Gimmal Physical, you can apply retention policies across all types of physical assets, simplifying management and eliminating manual processes. Gimmal Physical ensures compliance and timely access to important records and information across the enterprise with a modern solution for managing paper records.

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Maximize Savings and Ensure Compliance  

Proper physical records management can help you reduce costs of legacy systems and records storage. This solution will give you timely access to records, reduce redundant record-keeping, and mitigate risk associated with records compliance and regulatory requirements.

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