Enterprise Search

Allow your organization to search across multiple content sources with AI-driven enterprise search software.

Better Productivity

Increase productivity with a single point of access to all organizational content managed by Gimmal Records Management

More Efficient

Improve efficiency with a customizable enterprise-wide search experience built for the end user


Increased Findability

Maximize visibility by connecting with any content source, anywhere, in real-time.


Enterprise Search is a core feature of Gimmal Records Management allowing organizations to find content and records, no matter where they are stored.

Advanced Search Engine

Collect content in a central index such as SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Azure Search, or Elasticsearch for powerful queries & analytics

Enhanced Indexing

Utilize full content indexing and automatically extract metadata as well as user-defined metadata


Search all Record Types

Search full text or metadata on electronic and physical records. All results are security trimmed based on source system’s security rules


Customizable Results

Refine search results by properties such as author, file type, source, date, record class, or metadata relevant to your business needs


Transparent Integration

Classify, supersede, obsolete, view lifecycle details and apply legal holds directly from search results


Repository Connectors

Connect directly to all of your content sources currently connected to Gimmal Records Management


Better Search, Better Controls

Gimmal Enterprise Search provides search functionality that offers more efficient, personalized, and relevant user experiences throughout the entire enterprise. As a main feature of Gimmal Records Management and Gimmal Content Governance for SharePoint, this AI-driven search platform provides a modern, web search-like experience within numerous content sources.


“Gimmal has always pushed the status quo when it comes to advancing cross-platform records management technology, and we have paved the way for the next evolution in that technology by building a cross-repository AI search platform that will change the way we think about connecting and discovering information.”

- Chris Caplinger, CTO, Gimmal


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