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Gimmal Migration helps organizations fully leverage Microsoft 365 by simplifying complex migrations from OpenText Content Server, Documentum, and file shares to SharePoint Online.

Easy Installation

Install right on the desktop to lower or eliminate needed IT support

Information Architecture

Restructure your legacy information architecture to move folders, shorten paths and exclude data from your migration plan

Attributes and Metadata

Map Category or Attribute data in OpenText to SharePoint Content Types or Columns or update metadata in bulk where required

Rapid Configuration

Navigate through an easy to use Analysis Wizard interface for migration planning



Map permissions and group mappings to SharePoint. Identify missing users and capture legacy user version history

Information Governance

Migrate records management classifications and other policy to. Preserve created dates, last modified dates, created by and modified by information


Link Management

Preserves your legacy document links from emails, documents, shortcuts, and 3rd party application links

Broad Platform Support

Easily migrate content from OpenText Livelink 9.x, Content Server 10.x or 16.x, Documentum, or file shares with the click of a button. Migrate content to SharePoint Online 

Leverage Microsoft 365 Investment

Your organization has standardized on Microsoft 365 as their cloud platform. It’s your platform of the future, so why continue to pay high maintenance and upgrade costs for a legacy, on-premise system you no longer need?

By migrating content from OpenText Content Server/Livelink, Documentum, or file shares to Microsoft 365, you can empower your users and increase productivity and achieve large cost savings. Gain the benefits of a modern cloud platform with more functionality than OpenText can offer.

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Simplify Complex Migrations

Migration doesn’t have to be a long, complex process. With Gimmal Migration, you can be up and running in minutes. Just install the software on your desktop and run the analysis wizards for discovery and analysis of your OpenText environment.

Create mappings for metadata, object types, information architecture, record policies and more. When everything is configured, one click of a button begins the migration process. Schedule migrations for off-peak hours to maximize throughput and minimize network load and throttling.

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Ensure Migration Success

Reports and logs accurately reflect the migration process and flag any issues that require resolution. Provide an audit trail and chain of custody of all content and data migrated.

During migration, links in OpenText can be automatically redirected to the new location in Microsoft 365, removing the need to edit hundreds or thousands of legacy links.

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Upload and Tagging of Microsoft 365 Content Made Easy

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