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Gimmal Workplace Compliance

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Gimmal Workplace Compliance ensures your organization’s records – your most critical and valued information – is secure and easily managed under audit-ready compliance polices. With an intuitive records management policy builder, advanced retention management, and physical information management, Workplace Compliance is the most comprehensive and the only DoD Standard 5015.2-certified solution that stores content natively in SharePoint. Advanced retention and physical information management on Office 365 work hand-in-hand to give you policy control on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Why Gimmal Workplace Compliance?

Organizations want to make the most of their investment in the Microsoft ecosystem, but are required to maintain costly, outdated systems in tandem with modern cloud platforms to keep compliant records. The lack of a proactive and easy to use compliance solution that works across all sites and content increases the risks of failing to meet regulatory requirements, an inability to classify and secure content from internal or external hackers, and incurs high cost and risk when legal holds are enforced.

Gimmal Workplace Compliance offers flexible policy management, supporting both simple policies and the strictest standards on-premises and in the cloud as the only DoD Standard 5015.2-certified records management product, that stores content in SharePoint. Policy is only important if users follow it. Gimmal Workplace Compliance eliminates the manual burden of classifying records by automating the controls for content so users can be both compliant and productive. Gimmal Workplace Compliance works on-premises, in the cloud, and in a hybrid set-up. Your organization will be cloud ready when you want to take content
to the cloud.

Key Features

Records management and compliance: easy to use controls built for use by compliance and records professionals let you centrally plan, manage, and enforce policies.

Integrated physical records management: your organization can manage physical records alongside digital records to improve findability and efficiency in managing your paper records.

Main Benefits

  • Flexible, code-free policy management: Plan, manage, and enforce custom retention policies from a central SharePoint dashboard.
  • Unified management of all records: Index, categorize, and find physical records alongside digital records
    in SharePoint.
  • Classified records certified against DoD Standard 5015.2: define and enforce a custom, hierarchical set of security levels to secure records, satisfying the most stringent requirements.

Additional Features

Ensure your organization’s most valuable information is stored securely. An intuitive file plan tool facilitates the creation, application, and maintenance of record retention policies – no coding required.

  • Centralize file plan creation and maintenance
  • Set retention schedules based on time or events
  • Support case-based and individual aging
  • Associate the legal basis for retention policies with records
  • Configure hierarchical security levels
  • Establish record relationships between records
  • Create records from emails and attachments in Outlook
  • Create custom periods, e.g., for vital records review
  • Bulk-process metadata and tasks for records
  • Easily port a file plan across SharePoint farms
  • Implement legal holds for records or record categories
  • Transfer an audit history archive upon transfer of record
  • Implement a formal disposition approval process and generate disposal certificates

Manage physical information and other assets—both onsite and offsite, as well as electronic information, to unified policy using common processes and architecture.

Enable the management of classified records in accordance with the Department of Defense Standard 5015.2.

Implement centralized, highly-granular content type retention rules without the need for complex content type policy associations.

Trigger content actions based upon business events, supporting external workflows and API integration.

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