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Gimmal Content Governance for SharePoint makes managing sites and information across SharePoint and Office 365 easier and more powerful.

Content Governance for SharePoint makes SharePoint and Office 365 easier to use and provides a more connected, more consistent, and supported digital workplace. Ensure a centrally, proactively managed consistent information architecture for all sites and content. Support data integrity and make content tagging easy throughout the entire information lifecycle. Improve your user experience, boost efficiency, and realize the full value of your information.

Content upload and tagging

Easily upload content into SharePoint and automatically apply content tags

Central configuration dashboard

Utilize a single dashboard that allows for central configuration of all your information governance features

Content movement

Move content to different locations based on tagged information

Regulated convenience copies

Create managed copies or links from a source document and automatically delete the copy or link when the source document is disposed

Global and local document templates

Create centralized document templates for creating new document content

Improved content search

Create, customize, and save search views and actionable search results

Site creation and maintenance

Automatically create and request SharePoint sites and create site templates for easy site creation, while Maintaining all of your sites collectively

Site archiving and disposal

Selectively archive artifacts and change settings to read only or  decommission sites and back up document libraries, list items, and more

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Content Governance for SharePoint enforces the information lifecycle across your entire SharePoint and Office 365 environment

Manage the information lifecycle with easily configured rules:

  • Create automated governance rules and apply them globally, both as sites are provisioned and to existing sites
  • Control user access to tools through user role profiles
  • Enforce brand standards and improve productivity by providing users with common document templates

A more intuitive experience with drag and drop content loading, automatic metadata application, and document classification.

Improve your users’ SharePoint experience and increase productivity by making it simpler to create, upload, and maintain content. Automatic metadata tagging in SharePoint is the easiest way to ensure content and data integrity.

  • Simplify content loading into a one-step, drag-and-drop process
  • Remove the user effort required for governance and compliance
  • Find the right information quickly with enhanced search capabilities
  • Associate auto-naming fields with documents and records

Simpler, proactive processes ensure a better digital workplace in SharePoint and Office 365

Proactive governance reduces the need for IT to constantly monitor and clean up SharePoint sites and content. With features such as site provisioning (which supports information architecture), standard metadata rules, automatic policy management, and template management, you can create a more robust and consistent digital workplace.

Gimmal Content Governance for SharePoint also makes metadata actionable so it is easier to manage an information lifecycle and content can be moved to the right location for records management or archival purposes. Preconfigure metadata values and associated actions to enable process automation and facilitate consistent and effective content management.

  • Create copies or links to a principal document for reference, convenience, and research (or to be used as a template for future work), without risking accidentally modifying or disposing of an important document.
  • Easily decommission sites as they outlive their usefulness through a centrally-controlled architecture

Video: Gimmal Content Governance for SharePoint in ten minutes

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Compatible Systems

Gimmal Content Governance for SharePoint is compatible with the following systems:

  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint Online

Gimmal Content Governance for SharePoint can be deployed to fit your business needs whether it is on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid set up.