CJ_LogoC&J Energy Services is a leading provider of well construction to the oil and gas industry

One of the largest O&G completion and production organizations in the US, with services ranging across the entire well lifecycle. C&J operates in all major North American offshore basins and is establishing a presence in the Middle East.


C&J was feeling constricted by overly complex IT architecture.

As a consequence of acquisitions over the years, C&J developed a very complex IT architecture to support their various individual product service lines. By the time CIO Steven Carter joined the company in November of 2014, C&J was using seven different systems for financial records alone, and that complexity was beginning to challenge the growth ambitions of the company. They knew that, by adopting a cloud-based strategy and centralizing their information assets as much as possible, they would be able to overcome that hurdle and position their information landscape to support their upward trajectory.

“Simplification is one of our principles, and SharePoint is at the center of our ECM strategy. Building on our existing SharePoint environment avoided the complexity of adding another ECM platform, such as OpenText to our landscape, leveraged our investment in SharePoint and did not require us to add new skills to the IT&S Organization.”

- Steven Carter, CIO, C&J Energy Services


  • Simplify unnecessarily complex IT architecture that was hampering scalability
  • Store documents related to SAP transactional data simply
  • Deploy a solution quickly to coincide with SAP implementation


  • Reduced count of financial systems of record from 7 to 1 without introducing new complexity 
  • Unified all relevant business information under SharePoint environment 
  • Avoided incurring training costs while minimizing deployment time and investment

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