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Worldwide animation studio with numerous feature films and thousands of global employees. Specializing in 3D animated feature films, original TV series and shorts, interactive media, live entertainment, and more.


They needed to modernize their contracts process

This world-renowned animation film studio has worked with the biggest names in the entertainment industry and has produced award-winning animated feature films. Through partnerships, acquisitions, and mergers, this organization quickly developed a worldwide presence with thousands of global employees. Early on, the organization implemented a contract management system that worked well with the current version of Windows at that time, as well as Oracle 8. As time went on, their windows and Oracle versions quickly became out of date and needed to be upgraded. They also desired to move away from Windows as most of their organization used Linux and Mac and couldn’t access the Windows-based contract management platform. They soon realized their contacts management platform was so ingrained in their outdated infrastructure that it would only work in their outdated versions of Windows and Oracle. As a result, the animation studio quickly began looking for a new solution that would not only allow them to upgrade their contract management system, but also displace their outdated platforms.

“Our strategy changed and we had to quickly adjust the way our company handles contracts and Gimmal helped us every step of the way.”


  • Previous contract management software could only run on an outdated version of windows and costly Oracle platform
  • Primarily a Linux and Mac organization, many employees could not access necessary contracts.
  • Could only track and manage recent contracts, not legacy contracts


  • Gimmal Contract Management is web-based and allowed the company to displace their old windows version and Oracle platform, cutting costs
  • The entire organization could access necessary contracts from any system, anytime, and anywhere
  • Gimmal Contract Management can store and manage every contract ever created since the founding of the company over 23 years ago promoting complete visibility

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