One of the world’s largest multinational food producers

Tyson Foods has over 115,000 employees across the globe. The company supply’s customers with chicken, beef, pork, and prepared foods, throughout the United States and over 100 countries worldwide.


Documentum was holding SAP content back

Tyson had integrated their Documentum and SAP platforms and faced challenges every time they needed to expand their Documentum solution to new departments or begin an upgrade. To successfully deliver the Documentum solution to users in a new department, thy had to develop costly custom code that required a long implementation process and a dedicated specialist to maintain the software. As a result, Tyson decided to replace their Documentum solution with a new platform that could continue to support the requirement to integrate with SAP. The company also needed a better way to utilize SAP content throughout the organization while trying to cut costs.

" Now employees can easily access electronic documents wherever and whenever they need them and it is much easier to deploy across departments."


  • Difficulty in performing maintenance updates on unsupported Documentum system
  • Unable to migrate content out of Documentum
  • Can’t utilize business-critical SAP content in a collaborative platform like SharePoint


  • Content migrated from Documentum to SharePoint so the Documentum system could be retired
  • Full integration between SAP and their SharePoint environment allowing users to access SAP content in SharePoint
  • Lower storage, license, and maintenance costs by migrating their content to SharePoint

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