Second largest publicly traded fuel and convenience retailers in North America

This Fuel and Convenience Retailer has over 12,000 employees with 1,900 retail outlets in the U.S. and Canada.


Outdated and high-maintenance software that created risk to this company

The parent company had used FileNet as the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system of record, and OpenText VIM as its Accounts Payable (AP) solution. Neither system fit the goals of the new company, as they were unjustifiably costly and considerably outdated. This new organization had no IT infrastructure in place to carry out that task. The new company had to build an entirely new IT infrastructure from scratch, and faced considerable vulnerability throughout the lengthy process. The members of the organization were familiar with SharePoint, and believed it to be a ready replacement for FileNet. They retained SAP and SharePoint as the ERP system and content repository for the new organization. And then they approached Gimmal to help them achieve their vision

This new company was able to organize its assets, systems, and workflows in record time.


  • Build new IT infrastructure after divestiture from parent company
  • Reduce high cost of departments automated on different legacy ECM platforms
  • Support the HR needs of thousands of retail stores
  • Negate risk of lacking a means of ensuring regulatory compliance


  • Replaced outdated FileNet system with lower cost, higher-functionality SharePoint-based platform 
  • Removed high-maintenance OpenText SAP integration in favor of high-performance Gimmal Accounts Payable solution
  • Reduced risk as employee, capital, vendor and receipt records are managed in SharePoint in accordance with regulatory stipulations

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