A United States municipality with over a quarter of a million residents.  This municipality owns and operates electrical, water, wastewater utilities, and emergency services.


This municipality was enduring high costs of maintaining and operating a legacy OpenText solution to store their SAP documents. In addition to the cost of the system, they were faced with user licenses fees as well as maintenance and support fees.  In order for their existing OpenText environment to meet their specific needs, they would also need to spend even more of their budget on customizations and consulting services.

SharePoint with Gimmal's Document Management for SAP Solutions was chosen because it controlled costs while enabling content to be more widely available to the appropriate users.


  • The OpenText solution was used for only one purpose but required a large budget to maintain and use
  • Document access was not available to necessary users without the purchase of additional user licenses
  • Mandatory upgrades for the existing solution were expensive


  • The municipality was able to leverage SharePoint to store SAP documents
  • The enterprise-wide SharePoint environment allowed all users access to the appropriate content
  • The affordable implementation, and lower maintenance costs resulted in a lower total cost of ownership
  • A 70% reduction in annual maintenance and support costs was achieved in less than a year of using Gimmal Document Management for SAP Solutions

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