A large (and growing) government agency

One of the fastest growing agencies in the United States government, with over 240,000 employees who range from aviation and security to emergency response and cybersecurity


It was time for a centralized repository

With over 240,000 employees and growing, this large government agency handles millions of documents and records every day. Every type of record, including emails, scans, and paperwork, needs to be logged, tracked, and stored securely. Previously, this agency operated with multiple systems and repositories storing records in many different locations, making tracking, managing, and finding information and records extremely difficult. The agency needed a way to migrate all of their spread out information into one central location. By utilizing a centralized repository, all of their records and vital information become easier to find and search results are more conclusive. Also, because they are a federal agency, they needed to ensure that their central repository is DoD 5015.2-certified to comply with federal guidelines as they pertain to records management.

“Since implementing Gimmal software, we have effectively dispositioned over 30,000 documents."


  • Securing records based on DoD 5015.2 compliance standards
  • Responding to FOIA requests in a timely manner
  • Ensuring findability of all critical records and information


  • All records and information are now stored in a secure, DoD 5015.2-compliant SharePoint site
  • FOIA request times went from days to hours, saving taxpayers millions of dollars
  • By storing all vital records and information in one secure location, information can be found more reliably and more quickly

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