Stonebridge Companies is one of the nation’s leading ownership, management, and hospitality development companies. The company consists of 63 hotels with 10,000+ rooms across the United States.


Stonebridge realized its current investment in OpenText Content Server was extremely costly and complex to maintain. To cut costs and improve their staff’s user experience, the company needed to combine their ECM platforms into one system and move their content to the cloud. A migration would involve extracting more than 10 years of information from Content Server, preserving metadata and permissions, and keeping the legacy links functioning after the move to SharePoint.

By using Gimmal Migration, the team successfully migrated all content, versions, dates, user information, metadata, and folder structures to SharePoint


  • OpenText Content Server was costly and complex to maintain.

  • The company needed a way to combine ECM platforms by leveraging an existing investment in Microsoft 365.

  • Critical business information needed to be migrated and preserved exactly as it was in Content Server.


  • Stonebridge successful migrated 10 years’ worth of content from Content Server to SharePoint.

  • The company achieved cost savings by reducing licensing and support costs through the decommissioning OpenText Content Server.

  • By consolidating to one ECM platform, it drastically improved the user experience for the staff.


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