Global Children’s Aid Provider

A globally-managed United Nations program that provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. This mission involves managing the human resources needs of about 11,000 full time and up to 15,000 contingency workers.


The NGO needed a faster way to access documents that also reduced support for paper.

In responding to a crisis like the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the organization had to rapidly bring on contingency workers and transfer fulltime workers between countries and legal jurisdictions. With a decentralized HR organization and a paper based system, this caused long and unnecessary delays and negatively impacted the costs of delivering their services. The NGO needed to better manage their HR systems, provide better and faster access to documents and eliminate the need to support paper in their HR processes to help speed their delivery of service.

“With Gimmal, we have accelerated our HR processes and lowered costs worldwide. This gives us back time and resources that can be applied to our mission of delivering humanitarian aid and developmental services to the children and mothers who so desperately need them.”


  • Manage globally distributed workforce, with employees frequently shifting between countries and jurisdictions, consistently
  • Quickly add temporary staff in order to meet crisis needs worldwide as they occur
  • Eliminate the burden, constraints and cost associated with paper-based files


  • Enabled seamless employment movement from country to country with their e-paperwork following them
  • Eliminated paper processing, dramatically lowering the costs of HR records management
  • Enabled global, cloud-based access to HR documents, lowered IT costs, and allowed the sunsetting of a costly OpenText system

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