CJ_LogoC&J Energy Services provides services for the entire well life cycle 

One of the largest O&G completion and production organizations in the US, with services ranging across the entire well lifecycle. C&J operates in all major North American offshore basins and is establishing a presence in the Middle East.


C&J needed a more advanced system using SharePoint to operate as a unified organization.

They had experience in using SharePoint, and saw its potential to contribute more value to the company and provide a better context for communication and information resource management. They knew what they needed was an enterprise intranet. Adding another level of complexity to the project was C&J’s desire to announce the transaction was complete at the next shareholder meeting, with the idea of having the system in place at the time of announcement. The company needed to operate as one from the moment of announcement. That meant this project would have to be implemented in record time: less than a month!

“We challenged Gimmal to reinvent our intranet and they delivered; exceeding our expectations and leaving us with a clean, professional and functional communications and collaboration platform.”

- Steven Carter, CIO, C&J Energy Services


  •  Communicate effectively to employees through corporate communications, HR, and IT channels 
  • Inspire a unified culture for the newly merged organizations and staff
  • Expand role of SharePoint from collaboration to a complete corporate intranet
  • Streamline operations after a major acquisition


  • Implemented a SharePoint-based enterprise intranet that allows corporate communications, HR and IT to effectively communicate in the organization 
  • Allowed rapid, efficient, and ubiquitous collaboration throughout the organization
  • Achieved a unified voice to encourage unity after the acquisition

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