Brigham Young University Modernizes Records Management Through Automation

Brigham Young University is a private research university in Provo, Utah, United States. It is owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and has the largest on-campus student population of any religious university in the United States.

“I knew what you could do with SharePoint, and it would be very difficult and tedious to be able to manage the rules if I managed them directly into SharePoint. This is where Gimmal’s solution came in.”


Business Need

BYU had accumulated millions of records that were not able to be practically or effectively managed. Howard knew the university needed a new strategy to address this challenge. With a modernized records management program and better tools for information management, they would improve records management compliance across the organization.

Challenges included:

  • An inefficient “paper-based” approach to managing records required manual classification by users
  • Concerns about compliance risks due to large quantities of unmanaged information
  • High costs related to finding, managing and storing growing quantities of unmanaged records

Since BYU standardized on SharePoint as the university's primary repository for records management, BYU turned to Gimmal to achieve robust records management capabilities needed for compliance. Automated lifecycle stages ensured records are now retained and disposed of according to specific regulations.

Gimmal Records provides a solution that is easy for a small team to administer across all of their SharePoint sites.


With the help of Gimmal's records management software, BYU is now seeing numerous benefits including:

  • Legally defensible management of electronic and physical records including legal holds
  • Easy to use rules and automated governance eliminated end user tagging and classification
  • Automated destruction of records with approval processes