American Textile Co. Sees a $60,000+ ROI


American Textile Company is a textile manufacturing company established in 1925. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this company now has over 1,000 associates worldwide and is known as the leading manufacturer of bedding products.

Not buying more servers could save us $15,000 - $20,000 per year. The less data I have, the less it will cost me to co-locate. I'd absolutely recommend Gimmal Discover to others.


Business Need

As one of the largest bedding manufactures in the world, American Textile had a large amount of data storage rapidly growing at an average rate of 5TBs per year. American Textile came to Gimmal with the goal of reducing their ever-growing data storage. Additionally, they needed to minimize storage amounts with a policy customized to meet the needs of various stakeholders within the firm.


What attracted American Textile to Gimmal Discover was the ability to set the parameters for retention and deletion based on the needs and culture of American Textile, rather than shaping their culture to the capability of the software. Whenever IT sets out to implement a data governance policy that involves the deletion of user files, it’s common to get push-back from employees. Gimmal Discover's infinitely customizable workflows could mitigate their concerns.


Gimmal Discover's infinitely customizable workflows enable the Vice President of Information Technology at American Textile to set rules for retention and deletion based on the specific needs and culture of American Textile. With a customizable workflow and an automated solution, Gimmal Discover was able to run on a recurring basis. After implementing Gimmal's solution, American Textile was able to standardize their process dependent on department need resulting in an ROI of more than $60,000.