Gimmal Accounts Payable Automation is a sophisticated solution that allows you to automate your entire invoice-to-pay process.

Automate receiving and capturing invoice data, matching invoices to POs, handling invoice exceptions, managing approvals, and posting for payment with our configurable rules-based system.

Enhances your existing ERP

Integrate with ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and even homegrown systems. Eliminate manual data entry with support for emailed invoices, scanned paper invoices, OCR, and EDI invoices.

Provides centralized visibility into multiple systems

Make the best decisions about how to manage your staff and cash with up-to-date reports, configurable from your dashboard. Identify process bottlenecks to make necessary changes.

Gives you the tools to improve vendor relationships

Decrease the amount of invoice status and payment confirmation requests you receive with the Gimmal Accounts Payable Vendor Portal. Reduce invoice cycle time with our powerful rules engine.

Eliminate AP workflow gaps that reduce productivity and drive up costs

Increase staff productivity with Gimmal Accounts Payable Automation. Get a configurable, rules-based system that allows the automation of the entire invoice processing stream. Gimmal Accounts Payable Automation allows you to automate receiving, data capture, matching to POs, handling exceptions, managing approvals, and posting for payment by your ERP system.

Integration with multiple ERP systems eliminates the need to consolidate back-end systems and creates a complete invoice-to-pay solution. Our powerful rules engine helps eliminate human errors (e.g., duplicate payments) while increasing processing speed and efficiency, thereby reducing per-invoice processing costs.

Centralize visibility across systems into the entire AP process

Real-time, ERP-integrated dashboards provide a convenient place to discover a wide variety of information, including vital data about pending invoices, assigned user tasks, invoicing statistics, and much more. With business process outsourcing (BPO) integration, Gimmal Accounts Payable Automation enables the inclusion of data supplied from third party OCR/data entry providers.

Enhanced search capabilities provide authorized users the ability to query invoices in the Gimmal Accounts Payable Automation system, making it easy to always find the invoices you need. With enhanced visibility, you will claim more early payment discounts and eliminate late payment penalties.

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Empower vendor self-service

Gimmal Accounts Payable Automation has outbound emailing capabilities that enable you to send standardized email reminders and escalations to ensure process compliance and consistency in vendor communications.

Going even further to improve vendor relations, Gimmal Accounts Payable Automation also includes an easy-to-use vendor portal that allows vendors to check the status of their invoices and get payment confirmation, dramatically decreasing the number of invoice status inquiries. With a fully configured customer check request system that accepts payment requests from authorized users and automatically routes them into the appropriate workflow for approval and payment, Gimmal Accounts Payable Automation reduces the opportunity for miscommunication and billing errors.

“We reduced invoice status requests and began identifying costly bottlenecks right away.”

Gimmal Accounts Payable Automation is compatible with most popular ERP solutions and provides an instant impact to your bottom line along with an opportunity to reform inefficient and costly practices.