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We are solutions

At Gimmal, we are passionate about transforming the management of your information assets from chaos into order. We put your information to work to:

  • Improve collaboration and knowledge management to drive innovation
  • Increase the productivity of your employees by helping them find critical information they need to do their jobs
  • Improve information quality to support efficiency and business process automation
  • Manage information quantity to reduce cost
  • Improve compliance to reduce risk

Founded in 2002, we deliver proven information, records and enterprise content management solutions built on the industry’s leading technology platforms to improve business efficiency, lower cost, and reduce risk.

We are software products

You want to consolidate on SharePoint as your platform for enterprise content and records management to improve information governance. You want connectivity between your SharePoint and SAP platforms. We created our products to help you achieve these goals. Gimmal products enable organizations, government and corporations across any industry, to standardize on SharePoint as a powerful content platform for building and deploying rich solutions that satisfy many diverse business requirements.

We are knowledge, experience, and people

We work with our clients and partners to address the challenge of unmanaged content in shared drives, collaboration systems, the cloud, and outdated enterprise content management systems. Gimmal’s proven solutions for intranets and portals, information governance, and SAP interoperability reduce risk cost compared to other third-party solutions or costly customization. Our business applications are supported by the knowledge of our expert team, who works with our customers and partners to deliver solutions for SharePoint and Office 365 on premises, in the cloud, or both. Gimmal Contract Management and Accounts Payable Automation offer unequaled performance at the lowest possible cost with no infrastructure required.

With Gimmal, you gain the knowledge and supported software to ensure content and processes control, allowing for easy automation and improved business efficiency.


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