Since 2002, Gimmal has been helping organizations improve their users’ experiences in managing information and streamlining business processes. We are a global software company with customers in large commercial industries and government organizations in sixteen countries around the world. Gimmal solutions are built on SharePoint and Office 365 to simplify the management of all content across the organization, including shared drives, enterprise file sync and share systems, and legacy content management systems.

Gimmal customers realize their digital workplace strategies faster, ensure records compliance and security more easily, and connect content with business transactions to improve efficiency and lower costs.

Information management across the digital workplace

Information is critical to quickly achieving business goals. Gimmal provides the solutions you need to improve user experiences, lower the cost and complexity of information governance and compliance, and improve business processes across a modern digital workplace.

Our software eliminates the problems that come from disparate information silos and retaining useless or expired information by:

  • Increasing employee productivity by helping them find the critical information they need
  • Improving information quality so businesses can achieve their goals quickly
  • Reducing cost by providing a way to easily govern content and reduce the volume of information
  • Improving compliance with advanced records management so information is secure

Empowering transformation and rationalization

Gimmal software speeds the creation of a powerful digital workplace on SharePoint and Office 365 on premise, in the cloud, or both. You need to reduce the number of silos, systems, and the complexity users face. Gimmal solutions help you make better use of SharePoint and Office 365 as your platform for enterprise content and records management.

You want efficient and auditable business transactions. Gimmal connects SharePoint or Office 365 with SAP platforms so casual users are able to access SAP data with only a few clicks.

You want to reduce the exponentially growing mass of content you are managing and ensure business records are secure. Gimmal provides the advanced solutions for compliance and DoD 5015.2 certified records management used in the most highly secure agencies in the world.

We have created our products to help you reduce your growing content mass and improve your business results.

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