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We extend the world’s market-leading enterprise platforms, Microsoft SharePoint and SAP. Review our platform capabilities. Join us for a Product Demo.

  • Extend SharePoint to increase information governance and compliance
  • Provide bidirectional access to SAP content
  • Increase the consistency and usability of SharePoint sites
  • Provide for proactive litigation readiness
  • Consolidate content and records management on the SharePoint platform to simplify the IT landscape and reduce cost
  • Extend access to SAP content and workflows to the full workforce
  • Implement our products independently or in combination
  • Deploy directly into the SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 infrastructure, avoiding the need to design, build, integrate, or maintain a redundant content repository
  • Our products include technical support and maintenance and an assured path of SharePoint compatibility, eliminating the risk and complexity of custom development

Gimmal Compliance Suite for SharePoint

A full-featured records management process inside SharePoint that meets the standards of DoD 5015.2 to drive adherence to compliance policies and lower risk by enforcing proactive litigation readiness across your global enterprise. More>>

Gimmal ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP

SharePoint and SAP users, access content from where you work, without compromise. With bidirectional access, define document-centric workflow as well as content to be managed and presented—inside SAP, inside SharePoint, or both. More>>

Gimmal Information Governance Suite for SharePoint

Reduce cost and risk for your organization. Give users a better experience finding and managing information – content, documents, and records – by managing SharePoint sites consistently across the enterprise. More>>

Gimmal Physical Information Management for SharePoint

Manage electronic records alongside physical records, both onsite and offsite, from a common SharePoint experience to achieve a unified view across your record inventory. More>>