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ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint & SAP

Content-enable your collaborative ERP solution

SAP automates many aspects of your operations. ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP brings the functionality and content owned by SAP to the SharePoint audience, and vice versa. With an ERP-Link enabled application, you can choose where you want your people to work: in SAP, in SharePoint, or both.

Inside SAP users have access to the same documents as SharePoint users, with workflow passing back and forth between the environments in a way that’s best for the business.

The result? Lower costs. Better productivity.



Your challenge

  • Do you need to extend SAP functionality, content and information to non-SAP users?
  • Do you need to enrich the functionality of Duet to include support for shared files?
  • Are your employees struggling with SAPGUI screens?
  • Do you need to increase the usability of your SAP-based business processes to reduce training costs and increase user adoption?
  • Do you want to get more value out of SharePoint by integrating SAP content and processes?
  • Do you need files stored in the SAP Content Store to be archived in a compliant records management platform that enforces legally defensible retention schedules, and supports the eDiscovery and legal hold process?

Our solution

SAP is the world’s most popular ERP system, providing the backbone you rely on for smooth day-to-day operations. Microsoft SharePoint is the standard for enterprise collaboration and information management. While both systems have become mission critical to your organization’s operations, you may not be reaping the benefits that come from integrating these two systems into one powerful environment.

ERP-Link brings the bidirectional access of content to users of SharePoint and SAP. With ERP-Link Suite for SAP and Microsoft SharePoint, your SAP and SharePoint users have common access to documents and the ability to work on shared business processes. ERP-Link is an SAP ArchiveLink-certified platform that can be used for accounts payable and finance, HR, plant maintenance, project management – anywhere documents are needed to support functions based in your SAP system of record.

Increase usability

  • Increase SAP usability with a familiar Microsoft front-end to reduce training costs, increase user adoption and roll out solutions faster
  • Expose SAP real-time data and content via SharePoint to a broader audience

Increase collaboration

  • Use the collaboration features of SharePoint to include your employees, customers and trading partners in vital business processes maintained in SAP

Lower costs

  • Lower the cost of business process automation of your SAP content by leveraging in-house Microsoft skillsets
  • Archive SAP content in SharePoint to take advantage of lower cost storage

Increase compliance

  • Combine the ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP with Compliance Suite for SharePoint and Information Governance Suite for SharePoint to ensure your content is managed by compliant information policy for legal defensibility

Extend partner solutions

  • For Duet customers, get more valuefrom your Duet investment by enabling users inside SAP or SharePoint to collaborate on the same documents without leaving their native environments
  • For ReadSoft customers, the ReadSoft.index Document Services Module, a component of ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP, provides an easy way to extend your SAP-based Invoice Processing and Automation solution to take advantage of SharePoint as the ECM system for SAP. Users inside SAP or SharePoint can collaborate on the same documents without leaving their native environments.
  • For Norikkon customers, the APAY-Link, a component of ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP, provides an easy way for you to extend your SAP-based APay Suite solution to take advantage of SharePoint as the ECM system for SAP. Users inside SAP or SharePoint can collaborate on the same documents without leaving their native environments.

Common ECM for SAP and SharePoint

On average, SAP is rolled out to only 15-20% of an organization’s employees. With SharePoint, you have the ability to reach all employees and partners by leveraging SharePoint as the enterprise content management (ECM) platform for SAP content. With ERP-Link, SharePoint can become the core document library/repository, supporting the content management services, storage, collaboration, and management functions of native SAP objects and processes. Incoming and outgoing scanned images and documents can be automatically linked to SAP objects and processes, and stored in SharePoint.

Full SAP and SharePoint interoperability

ERP-Link offers bidirectional access to content to both SAP and SharePoint users.

Seamless workflows between platforms

ERP-Link greatly simplifies workflow. For example, a non-SAP user can link documents to an SAP process with one click of a button—something that takes an SAP user 12 screens to accomplish. ERP-Link allows content-driven workflows to be passed back and forth between SAP users and SharePoint users, fostering collaboration among both groups of users. Workflow interoperability takes place at the Universal Worklist (UWL) item level.

Composite interoperable applications

ERP-Link components enable you to create sophisticated applications by integrating data, documents, and business processes. ERP-Link components provide access to all SAP objects – information, business and document objects - including provisioning metadata, as .NET ready and therefore easily integrated with SharePoint. ERP-Link components fully reflect SAP security with bidirectional read/write capabilities.

With ERP-Link, cross-platform application development is simplified with a Visual Studio integration toolkit that offers extended SAP metadata access and synchronization. The SAP Archive Link connector only provides three or four system metadata fields. ERP-Link exposes and maintains synchronization with several hundred metadata fields in SAP so that composite applications and workflow can be developed.

All SAP functional areas, such as CRM, B2B, Finance, Invoice Processing, HR and Project Management, can be extended using .NET Visual Studio tools and supported with a set of enterprise class runtime services.


SAP data and records archival in SharePoint

ERP-Link enables SAP content to be archived in SharePoint to take advantage of lower cost storage and more sophisticated content management functionality. Migration tools are offered to export content currently stored in SAP Content Store into SharePoint.

Rapidly implemented

ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP can be installed and configured in just a few hours.

Connected to DoD certified platform

With Compliance Suite for SharePoint, ensure your SAP content stored in SharePoint is managed by a certified records management application

We are a premier Microsoft partner

  • We are a Gold-certified Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV). We are one of 17 global organizations serving on the board of the SharePoint Product Advisory Board. We have a direct relationship with the SharePoint Engineering team with advance access and insight to future product code and features.

We are SAP certified

  • Our product is an SAP-certified solution as an ArchiveLink Interface, is Solution Manager certified and is certified for NetWeaver
  • We partner with the leading organizations in the SAP and SharePoint market

We are proven

  • We offer a proven solution that has been used to integrate SAP and SharePoint for Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, BP, Monsanto, the Department of Justice, and many other leading organizations.

We ensure you get value from our products

  • Achieve a rapid implementation with ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP. Our product can be installed and configured within a few hours.
  • We provide all technical support and maintenance of our products.
    • ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP Data Sheet
      Product: ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP
      The ERP-­Link Suite for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP eliminates barriers between your SAP and Microsoft environments, enabling users inside and outside of SAP to collaborate and work on the same SAP document-­centric business processes. For the first time, SharePoint users are able to contribute to shortening business cycles for key functions that rely on SAP – without having to log into SAP.