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​ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint & SAP


Lower your costs and improve productivity in SAP with SharePoint


Best in class organizations that leverage their investment by connecting SharePoint and SAP see reduced end-user complexity, productivity gains and can better manage IT costs.  Gimmal ERP-Link content-enables your SAP business processes, making SAP content available throughout the enterprise through SharePoint and Office 365.
SAP automates many aspects of your operations. ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP brings the functionality and content owned by SAP to the SharePoint audience, and vice versa. With an ERP-Link enabled application, you can choose where you want your people to work: in SAP, in SharePoint, or both.
The result? Improved usability, enhanced compliance and governance, and lower costs.

The Challenge 

Business content like Invoices, Purchase Orders, Employee Forms and Maintenance Manuals are always tied to SAP transactions, yet SAP alone does not provide or fulfill the complete content lifecycle management requirements such as capture, storage and compliance. Complicating the document challenge is that SAP itself has a complex user experience that requires specialized users to manage. All of this results in limited use and adoption by end-users that are required to participate in the document-centric business processes.

Organizations need to integrate business content natively for SAP users, and at the same time enable non-SAP users to participate in related business processes, without the high costs and poor usability of legacy ECM systems, that simply linking content to SAP but provide no other benefits.



ERP-Link Suite allows Microsoft SharePoint – on-premises and Office 365 – and Microsoft Azure to become the primary content repository for SAP content and provide information management services, data and records archival, plus collaboration and governance functions in support of native SAP business processes. With ERP-Link Suite, incoming and outgoing documents can be automatically connected to specific SAP business objects and processes and stored directly in SharePoint. The utilization of SharePoint can be transparent to the SAP user and the SAP business processes themselves.

ERP-Link Suite increases productivity and enables expanded business process automation. With ERP-Link Suite, non-SAP users can link documents to an SAP process with one click of a button directly within SharePoint. ERP-Link Suite enables more users within an organization to participate in SAP-based processes from the intuitive user experience of SharePoint, increasing efficiency, productivity and reducing training and administration costs. 

ERP-Link for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP Features and Benefits:

Lower Infrastructure Costs by up to 80% by replacing your legacy content repository with SharePoint

Expand the Usage of SAP by exposing it to your enterprise in SharePoint

Increase Compliance and drive adoption by leveraging Gimmal Information Governance Suite to assure your SAP content is being managed against a lifecycle and compliance requirements

Leverage your IT Investments in SharePoint as the content management solution for SAP

Extend your Business Processes from SAP to include SharePoint users and vice versa

Decrease Training Costs by presenting SAP content in the familiar SharePoint user experience

Easily Capture Content from popular Scanning systems, email or drag and drop to SAP business processes

Enable Solutions built on SAP and SharePoint for Invoice Processing, Employee Records, Contract Management, Plant Maintenance and more


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